Twitter threads launched officially to let you post TweetStorms

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We had earlier reported that the Twitter could bring in the tweetstorm feature. Today the company has officially launched tweetstorms which will let the users to post a series of connected tweets that are actually twitter threads. It will be helpful for those of you who think that the character limit is a barrier for you. The company had earlier confirmed testing this feature last month. It is now available as threads across the Android and iOS apps.

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The demand to increase the number of characters has been alive on Twitter for a very long time. Even doubling the character limit to 280 has not stopped certain users from demanding. All these days, the users have been using the Tweetstorm feature by relying on the third party apps to express longer posts in political and social issues. The introduction of this feature by the company also means the end of such third party apps.

If you have been using any of these third party apps, we would advise you to unauthorize them in the settings menu. The company is also answering the concerns of the users by making tweetstorms more accessible to the people. At the moment, you will be able to add a maximum of only 25 entries in a thread (or tweetstorms). While updating a tweet thread post, you can still edit any of the threads as long as they are in the draft.

The past couple of months has really changed the way we use the Twitter. However, the company still seems unsatisfied and therefore we can expect more similar features to be introduced in the near future.

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