Twitter confirms the testing of TweetStorm feature

Twitter has confirmed that it is testing the tweetstorms feature. For those of you who do not know what is is, let me explain you. The tweetstorms will allow you to post a series of tweets eventually letting you go beyond the character limit through several tweets.

This feature was first brought to notice when it was spotted in the application code of Twitter in September. Anyways, the microblogging site refused to comment on this back then. Now, you will be able to post a connection of tweets by tapping on the Tweet All button.

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The Android Police has also reported that this feature was appearing for a section of users. However, the news agency is not very sure about the details regarding the tests. However, the Twitter confirmed to TechCrunch that this feature has been in the Alpha and Beta programs on both iOS and Android platforms.

twitter tweetstorm
Credits: Android Police

The TweetStorm was earlier used widely with the help of third-party sources when the character limit was only 140 characters. Though the company has increased the tweet limit to 280 characters, some of them still rely on the third party sources to tweet beyond this highest limit. This tweetstorm feature will really be helpful for those users.

Twitter has not commented on the official launch of this feature to all the users. However, we can expect to be available over the next few weeks or months. One must also notice that the microblogging site is gradually evolving to a macroblogging site by adopting these features in Twitter.

If you have not been selected as a test user, do not worry. You can have a look at the feature in the screenshots shared in this post. Anyways share us your comments on TweetStorms in the comments section below.

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