Instagram will allow you to Archive and Highlight expired Stories

instagram stories highlights

Instagram has been copying a lot of features from the Snapchat lately. The latest in this list is the usage of memories feature from Snapchat. The newest update is Instagram stories highlights which is being rolled out to all the users today will let you archive the stories automatically on both iOS and Android. Usually, the stories disappear after 24 hours, but now you will be able to access them from a private part of your profile.

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You will also be able to create Stories highlights which are a group of your old Stories that will display in a new horizontal bar across the top of your profile.

An Instagram spokesperson said to TechCrunch,

As more and more people adopt Stories, we realized that the profile has become less and less representative of you and your life. And yet the profile is one of the top destinations on Instagram – it’s a powerful space for self-expression and feeling closer to others. But up until now there was no way to keep your favorite stories or add them to your profile – we wanted to fix that.

There are three main advantages associated with this new feature. One, you will be able to save your work. Two, you will be able to save storage space on your smartphone as the app will save them in the cloud. Three, the Stories highlights will showcase more about yourself.

instagram stories highlights

Once the update is installed on your smartphone, the Archive feature will automatically get activated. However, the Instagram will alert you about the feature via a pop-up notification within the app. You will be able to find Archive on your profile and you can switch between the Posts Archive and Stories Archive.

To create a highlight, tap New on the left side of your profile and select Stories from your archive. You will be able to select a cover image for the highlight and also name it. Once saved, they will remain forever till you delete them.

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