Google Assistant on older versions of Android is to be available now

Google Assistant on older versions of Android

Google Assistant is Google’s answer to voice assistants like Siri and Cortana in the tech world. Though the voice assistant by world’s largest search engine company is younger among these three assistants, it is getting smarter day after day on a faster pace. You shouldn’t wonder if you find Siri less smarter than the Google Assistant. All these days, the Google wanted you to own a latest Android device to enjoy all these benefits. But, very soon the company is going to bring the Google Assistant on older versions of Android.

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Only the ones who own a Nougat or Oreo have enjoyed the privilege of possessing the Google Assistant on their smartphones. As per the statistics, this is really bad. Because, almost 26 percent out of all the Android users still use Android Lollipop and more than 30 percent of the users have Marshmallow devices. An update to the Google Play Services will help these devices also to support all the features of Google Assistant though.

If you own a Lollipop or Marshmallow device, do not get surprised to receive an update very soon. Anyways, it will be available only to the users who would set their language as English in Singapore, Canada, Australia, India, UK, US besides others who have set their default language as Spanish in Spain, Mexico and US. The company says that it will make this feature available in Korea, Brazil, Germany, Japan and Italy.

We are not sure whether the Google will make this new addition in launcher. There are reports that the users will have to rely on the Google Assistant app which can be downloaded from the PlayStore to use Google Assistant on older versions of Android.

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