Instagram now allows you to request to join a LiveStream

Instagram request to join a LiveStream

Instagram recently introduced the ability to livestream with your friends. Now, the company is expanding this feature by letting you to request to join other’s livestreams. For instance, say if you are watching a livestream and now you will see a new ‘Request’ button in the comments section. Tap on it and wait till your friend accepts the Instagram request to join a LiveStream.

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You must note that the Instagram currently allows only two persons to go on livestream at once. We are expecting the company to increase the number as the feature is getting very popular among the users.

Say if your favorite actor or musician is hosting a live event, it will help you to have a chat with them if they accept your request. And the best part if any such thing happens would be that the whole world will also watch and know about it.

This update for Instagram request to join a LiveStream is being rolled out in the iOS and Android platforms at present. Share us your views in the comments section below after testing it.

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