Google introduces AMP update which will discourage teaser pages

google amp update

If you are an avid user of the Google search engine, then you probably know about the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). It loads the content of a particular site very faster by removing unnecessary elements from the webpage. In other words, the AMP pages are more focussed on the content rather than the webpage and the brand itself.

The publishers whose companies are in the developing phase don’t really like this although they are using it and that’s why instead of adding an entire content in the AMP pages, they add only little information with a read more tag which will redirect to the main article on the site. It means that the few publishers are posting content in two ways for every subject.

Though this practice will help the publishers to let the user engage more with their website, the Google doesn’t really seem very happy about it. The company has therefore announced today that the AMP teaser pages which contains only little information will not be shown in the Google search results over the next few months.

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With this move, the Google is going to let the publishers know that they can’t have the content in two ways. In a detailed blog post, it is mentioned that if the AMP content is not matched with the real content, the AMP post will not be shown in the webpage from Feb 1, 2018.

Google is of the opinion that the enabling or disabling the AMP will not really affect the overall search ranking, but it is good to be on the list of Top Stories or among the first search results to increase the name of your brand.

According to the search engine giant, there are around 25 million domains that are using the AMP feature at present. However, let us know your views in the comments section below.

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