What is Facebook Explore Feed?

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You are probably living under a rock if you don’t know about the Facebook and its feed. Almost every person on this planet has an account in the world’s largest social networking site and everyone views the Facebook Feed at least once in a day. The company has recently introduced a new feed called Explore Feed and let’s find out what it is.

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What is Facebook Explore Feed?

Facebook Explore Feed is more like the Normal Facebook Feed with only difference being the presence of the popular posts from across the social network including videos, articles, and posts from the pages and users you follow in the regular version.

Don’t you think that everyone will view the same on Facebook Explore Feed? But, what you’d see on your Explore Feed will be different from what your sibling would see depending on the content you’ve followed or liked.

However, the company’s attempts to move all the branded content from main feed to the explore feed went in vain as the Facebook Referrals had fallen down by 60 or 80 percent in regions such as Guatemala, Serbia, Bolivia, Slovakia and Sri Lanka.

According to the social networking giant, this was just a test and the company doesn’t have any plans to roll this feature out further.

Where can I find the Facebook Explore Feed?

facebook explore feed

Say if you are using the Facebook in a browser, you will have to expand the Explore menu in the left side bar. While scrolling towards the bottom, you will find that the icon for Explore Feed. All you will have to do now is just click it to view the feed.

If you are using Facebook via app, tap hamburger menu button and then See More under the Explore section.

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