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Your website is up and running and now you are looking for ways to get more visits on your website. I always had this question in my mind for my website TechDotMatrix how to get more visits as although we have nice self written articles and good presence on social sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. But, for some reasons visits were always less. We looked for What is the best way to promote your website on Google. Since, we know that Google is the most popular search engine and the visits that you get organically through search engine is good for website in long run.

We finally learned it by our own experience and reading multiple article on the web (well it was Google Search Engine again). We implemented our findings and got the required results. So, here is in this post I am sharing our learnings to help you promote your website on Google.

There are multiple ways you can promote your website on Google:

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): The best method to get organic visits for your website. The website posts should be SEO optimized for what people are searching known as keywords. This will bring in more visitors from search engine as your page will be ranked higher on the search result page.
  1. Google Search Console: First understand what Google Search Console is previously known as Google Webmaster Tools. The Google console is a free web service that’s offered by Google where you can submit your sitemap, check indexing status, lists internal and external links to your site, find keyword searches on Google for your site and many more. So, if you want to be found on the web, get support for your site or stay connected and updated with Google news, events and social media, this is the right tool for you. Find the steps here to Add your website on Google Search console.
  1. Sitemap: Sitemap is a list of pages that website owner can upload to the search engines to tell them about the pages that exist on the website. It allows search engines to better crawl the website which eventually brings in the visits from search engine. A sitemap can be created in multiple format and generated either manually or choose from a number of third party tool. So, it is extremely important that you should have a sitemap from a Search Engine Optimization(SEO) point of view because sitemaps allow those websites to help search engines crawl their sites more efficiently. Find the steps here to Create and submit your sitemap to Googlefor WordPress website.
  1. Google Analytics Tool: Google has offered a free web analytics tool known as Google Analytics which tracks and reports website traffic. So, you should Add your website in Google Analytics to see the traffic stats that help you to understand which area to focus on.
  1. Google Ads

We have definitely got the positive results by following the above steps and our 60% of the visits comes from Google Search Engine.

Let us know in comments if these methods helps you to get organic visits from Google Search Engine.

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