Facebook Groups get new tools for better management

facebook groups gets new tools

Facebook groups get new tools for better management. Let’s find them out in this post.

Facebook has introduced a new set of tools for the groups on the social networking platform. These new features will help the admins to manage their groups in a better way to grow their communities. The latest additions is a result of the user feedback and that contains support for member profiles, badges, welcome posts for new members and a few other admin-level controls.

The world’s largest social networking platform gathered opinions from the admins of the group in its Facebook Communities Summit in Chicago. This was really helpful for the company to add the right tools which the admins are looking for.

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One of the most common activities that the admins do is welcome the new members to the team. All these days, it was done by manually writing a post in the group. With the help of the new tool, the admins will be able to automatically tag the new members thereby progressing the rate of speed.

facebook group gets new tools
Welcoming new members in the Facebook group

Features have also been added to let the members of the group to know each other. This will also let the admins of the group to know other group leaders easily. With the help of badges, you will be able to find the common members, moderators and admins who have recently joined the group.

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According to the company, this new feature will help the members to find other similar profiles if anything is found in common. This mini-profile feature will also contain buttons using which you can add them as a friend or message them directly or view their entire Facebook profile.

facebook groups get new tools

Facebook is also bringing new controls and tools to the group which includes a Group Insight tool that will provide tips on when to schedule a post based on the historical member engagement data.

facebook groups get new tools
The new insight tips tool which will help to schedule the post when there is more user activity

The admins of the group can turn off commenting for the individuals instead of turning off the comments for the complete post. That way, the conversations would still continue without any bad elements.

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We feel that the addition of these new tools and features for the groups will help the admins to manage their groups in a better way. However, share us your views in the comments section below.

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