How to use Facebook Messenger without a Facebook Account?

How to use Instant Video feature in Facebook Messenger?

Facebook has changed the lifestyle of the humankind. Just like how the introduction of newspapers made an impact in the lives of people, the social networking site is creating sensation in our lives at present.

It is not important that you require a Facebook account to live on this planet. But, what if you still want to be in touch with your friends with whom you are linked only via Facebook. Do not worry. There are ways. Let me explain you. You will have to use only Facebook Messenger in such situations.

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That’s why, here in this post, we are going to guide you on how to use Facebook Messenger without a Facebook Account.

  • Open the Deactivate Account Page of Facebook and scroll to the bottom.
  • Here you will see in the last option that you will be able to use the Facebook Messenger even when your account is deactivated. Make sure that this is not checked and leave it to default. Scroll down once again and select Deactivate.

Doing so will deactivate your Facebook Account. Your data will be not lost and be safe, so you can reactivate your account whenever you want by just logging in once again.

Now open Facebook Messenger in the website on your PC or in your Smartphone using your old facebook credentials. Now, you can continue to chat with your friends as well without having to use the Facebook. It means that your account will be still deactivated, but, you can chat with your friends on Facebook via Facebook Messenger. And do not worry, your account will be reactivated only when you login using the Facebook app on Desktop or Smartphone.

If you do not have a Facebook Account, but you want to use Messenger, steps are mentioned below to do it:

  • Download Facebook Messenger on Windows Phone, Android or iOS.
  • Enter your phone number after opening the app and select continue.
  • This will trigger an OTP code to your mobile. Enter the code which you have received via SMS and confirm your number.
  • That’s it. You can find your friends who are also using the Messenger using the phone numbers and chat with them.

Let us know if these steps are working for you by commenting in the comments section below.

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