Facebook Messenger cool tricks and secret gems

Although we have multiple sources which we use for messaging services we love to be on Facebook messenger app online all the time to get updates from family and friends. Messenger is Facebook’s standalone messaging platform and as of now have more than 900 million monthly users. Mark Zuckerberg & Co. has bigger plans for Messenger than just being a Facebook’s messenger app. Lately, Facebook has released cool functionality into Messenger and as of now it is one of the most versatile messaging apps in the market.

Here we have listed Facebook Messenger 10 cool tricks and secret gems:

1. Create a Quick-Access Shortcut for conversation
Facebook Messenger main purpose was to use it as a messaging app, so if there is a friend/family with whom you frequently chat you can create a Quick-Access shortcut on your home screen. To create a shortcut just long press on any conversation to prompt a pop-up menu where you will find the option to “create shortcut”. Select that option to create a shortcut which will come in handy if you want to send some message to that person. It is very use full as on just one tap you can make any messenger conversation with your friends and family.

2. Can play Basketball Game
Facebook Messenger has the feature to play basketball game that is hidden deep inside the app. You will have to send a basketball emoji to any of your friends with whom you want to play. The next step is where you will have to tap on the emoji. That’s it. This will load everything you will need to play basketball with your friend. You will have to swipe up to place ball in the hoop. Things will get interesting after you cross 10 points.

3. Can Play Chess Game
Facebook Messenger has another hidden game under its wraps. And for those of you who want to develop the skills of your brain, you will be thrilled to know that you can play Chess in this app with your buddies. You can start the game within the Messenger using commands. One such a command is “@fbchess play” which upon entering and sending to your friend starts a game with the friend. If you are already familiar with the rules and regulations of the game, you will love playing the game as the commands involved in the game are much familiar to the Chess moves.

4. Can play Football Game
Facebook is serious about keeping you around its Facebook Messenger app. The company has launched a Football game in its Facebook Messenger app. Games such as Chess and Basketball were introduced earlier and the messenger users around the globe are addicted to them with the Basketball game in particular. To play football in Messenger Open a chat (single or group chat) with whom you want to play soccer, Tap the emoji icon and send the Football Emoji, The Football game is now available to you. In the chat thread, just like the basketball game, the app will keep track of the high scores among everyone.

5. Messenger is on Desktop
Although we have multiple sources which we use for messaging services we love to be on Facebook messenger app online all the time to get updates from family and friends. But at times when we work on our home computer and don’t want to open Facebook website to check all the updates, we can still open the Facebook Messenger. So, you can use the Messenger in your desktop/laptop without logging into Facebook.com. You need to Open www.messenger.com in your browser and you are done.

6. Multiple accounts
Facebook Messenger can have multiple accounts and the good news is that, sharing your account doesn’t mean that your messages will go public as the content of your messages will be saved by a password. According to Facebook, “Anyone else who shares the device will just see the number of notifications of messages that you have, but they will never be able to see the content of your messages.” For those of you who aren’t on Messenger yet, there is a sign up option for you. You can also sign up using your number. You don’t have to be on Facebook to use Messenger. To enable this feature Open Facebook Messenger > Settings > Tap Accounts and Add an account.

7. Group Calling Feature
Facebook has Group calling feature as part of it you will be able to see a phone icon in the top right corner of group conversations. Tapping on the icon will allow you to add the people with whom you want to hold a group conversation. The app will allow you to add up to 50 members in your group conversations. When you receive a group call, you will be able to see the name of the group with a list of participants. You can then accept or reject the call. After joining the call, if any of the participants are missing, the app will even allow you to call them. To leave from a call, you will have to tap on the red button. The call would end when the second last person would leave the call.

8. Birthday video Cam
Facebook has rolled out a new feature, “Birthday Video Cam” that allows you to send a 15-second video as a birthday wish to your friends and family. The feature is currently available only to the iOS users. To send a birthday video, you will have to open the profile of your friend using the Facebook app in iOS. Then select the banner video prompt in the section where you enter the text followed by selecting the record option to record the video and share it. It is very evident that the Facebook is currently using the video platform to bring in more personalization to the users. Because, in the past few months the company allowed the users to create a small video to mark certain anniversaries and occasions such as New Year day.

9. Facebook Live Videos
Facebook has the feature of live videos in the Facebook’s app for both iPhone and Android. Facebook started testing the live video feature in December, 2015. The services were first available to celebrities and a few of carefully chosen users. Since then, the company has received tremendous responses for this feature as it was used to connect with family and friends in a new different way. To live stream, tap on “Update Status” and select the new Live Video icon. It allows you to choose you who you want to share the post with and write a small description before you go live. After the broadcast begins, you will be able to see the number of live viewers, the names of friends who are tuning in and a real-time stream of comments.

10. Share Files from Dropbox
Facebook partnered with Dropbox and rolled out a new feature in Facebook Messenger. So, Messenger now allows you to share files from Dropbox. This new feature would allow you to share documents, photos, videos, and other files directly with people you’re chatting with on Facebook Messenger. This new feature in Messenger is available for both iOS and Android users. To share document mobile users can now tap the More button (three dots in a rectangle) in Messenger to find Dropbox as an available source. Well, while scrolling through the list of GIF makers you will have to look for Dropbox and need to install it first if you have not used it before. Once, the Dropbox is installed after selecting it from Messenger list, click “Open” and find the document, photo, video, or other file you want to share and tap to send without leaving Facebook Messenger.

Let us know in your comments on what you think about this feature in Facebook Messenger. Few features are limited to only iOS and for US users only.

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