Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Pros and Cons; A Quick Review

samsung galaxy note 8 pros and cons

Are you here to know the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Pros and Cons? Let’s find them here in this post.

Every year, people upgrade their smartphones either by buying a new one or exchanging with the existing ones around this period of the year. Because, if you would notice, the latest iPhones have been launched a few weeks ago. Before that, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 was launched another few weeks ago. The Galaxy Note 8 is Samsung’s best smartphone for the world at present and it was the best among all the other phones prior to the release of iPhones. So, if you are struggling to choose a smartphone between Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone X, keep reading this post till the end.

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Dear Samsung fans, I am not trying to offend you here. I am not even trying to say that the latest iPhones are better than the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. What I am trying to say here is that the Galaxy Note 8 has fallen under the category of “one of the best smartphones in the current market” and the new iPhones are also included in the same category.

If you are like me, who are wondering about to go ahead with iPhone or Galaxy Note 8, you are at the right place right now because here in this post, you are going to view all the major SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 8 PROS and CONS. Don’t thank me yet. You can do that later after reading this post.


Let us first have a look at the advantages of Galaxy Note 8 now.

Pros of Galaxy Note 8

  • Display

The display of Note 8 device resembles the company’s S8 Plus smartphone. The experience of the screen is very immersive as it sports the 18:9 aspect ratio. Besides that, the 6.3-inch screen is well managed by the company to offer you the best viewing experience. You would also love the brightness of the screen. It goes as bright as 1200 nits, which is the highest in the market at present. Therefore, you can also say proudly that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 sports one of the best displays in the current market.

  • S Pen

You would love this only if you are an S PEN lover. Yes, you can do many new things using this additional accessory that the company ships within the unit. For instance, you can make Life Messages that are more like animated GIFs using the S Pen.

  • Camera

It’s not just about having a dual camera smartphone. It also depends on how much they have in store for us in terms of image quality. In that regard, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 satisfies in impossible ways. The trending camera features such as bokeh effects, portrait modes, and 2X Zoom works outstandingly. The image stabilization is also well while shooting even the 4K videos.

  • Performance

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 sports a 6 GB RAM which is managed well by the user interface of the smartphone. You will never find any lagging issues. In fact, the apps open in a fraction of second after you tap the icons. The multitasking experience is also very comfortable on Galaxy Note 8.

These are the major Pros of Galaxy Note 8, now let us have a look at its Cons.

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Cons Of Galaxy Note 8

The listed below are the disadvantages of Galaxy Note 8.

  • Only Mono Speaker

The Galaxy Note 8 comes with only one single speaker. Considering its size, the company should have integrated dual speakers. Because its competitors like iPhone 7 Plus which were launched way earlier come with dual speakers. Still, the audio quality on the Note 8 speaker is satisfying.

  • Glass on Both Sides

The latest trend among high-end smartphones is to come with a full glass design display. Galaxy Note 8 is one of them. It means that there is glass even on the back. This is good in terms of design, but it gets filled with fingerprint marks after you hold the device for a while in your hands.

  • Fast Charging

The mobile supports fast charging technology, but it is old-fashioned. The charging in Note 8 is powered only by the Qualcomm Charge 2 although it supports both the wired and wireless charging. It takes around an hour and a half to get the mobile charged fully.

  • Battery

Thanks to the good management of the user interface, the battery in Note 8 lasts at least until the end of the day if you are not a heavy user. Still, it is always a good idea to carry your charger or power bank everywhere you’d go.

  • Fingerprint Sensor

The fingerprint sensor on Note 8 smartphone is very responsive, but it is not correctly located. The company should have either placed it exactly at the center of the back or somewhere in the front. Since there is no place to integrate on the front side due to the infinite display, there’s no point in talking about that.

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These are the major advantages and disadvantages of Galaxy Note 8 smartphone. Please note that this is not a complete review of the smartphone and it is just a quick review which will let you have a glance over its pros and cons. Anyways, we hope that this post will help you to decide whether you will have to buy either Galaxy Note 8 or the latest iPhone devices.

However, let us know your views and decision in the comments section below. We’d love to hear about it from you.

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