Advantages and Disadvantages of Super Mario Run

advantages and disadvantages of super mario run

We have the habit of playing Mario on Desktop. But, for new generation since 2016 the Mario is available on iPad and iPhone devices in the form of Super Mario Run. However, there are advantages and disadvntages of Super Mario Run. But, to begin with the best thing about Super Mario Run is that you can play it using one hand with much ease. As your Mario moves forward, you will have to jump in order to navigate. As expected your Mario will behave differently as you tap. So you can choose to either display the smooth moves while jumping or collect coins to reach your goal.

For those of you who are using Android as the Nintendo company promised the Super Mario Run for Android is also available since 2017. Super Mario Run is all about fun. It would take an hour or less than that to complete the entire campaign. But, you will certainly take days to unlock all Mario characters of the game. Besides the Mario Run characters, there are other characters such as Princess Peach, Toad, Luigi, Yoshi and Toadette. However, here in this post, we are going to share the advantages and disadvantages of Super Mario run.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Super Mario Run


  • It has Mario in it.
  • Signature Nintendo Art
  • Easy to pick up and play
  • Well optimised for Smartphones
  • Excellent World Tour Mode


  • Very Slow Kingdom Builder Mode
  • Relies on an Internet connection

Let us know your views on the advantages and disadvantages of Super Mario run by commenting in the comments section below. This way, we can know if we have missed anything in this post.

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