PokeGone to remove all traces of Pokemon from the Internet

Pokémon Go one of the most popular game released recently is already into its fourth week of release. This most awaited game has created a sensation with its release for iOS and Android Users on July 6, 2016. But, due to its high popularity and high demand players faced issue like Pokemon Go server is down and in fact few players started selling their account on eBay in hope to cash some money out from the Pokémon fever. So, many websites wrote some post and provided tutorial pdfs on How to Play Pokémon Go. But, we know that this game has its own advantages and disadvantages, and if you are on the other side of game, where you don’t like this Pokémon Go and don’t want to see any news about it on your Internet browser, then we have found a solution for you.

Web Developer Jamie Farrelly has created a new Google Chrome extension and names it as ‘PokeGone’. This extension can help you block Pokémon Go and remove almost all mention of the game from appearing on your browser. The description on the PokeGone extension reads:

“Sick and tired of hearing about Pokemon?” “PokeGone will take care of that! This extension will stop your eyes from seeing grown adults raving on about Pokemon – simple as.

“Remove all traces of Pokemon from the internet with one simple extension!”

Video from the PokeGone extension page:

The PokeGone extension after installation has three options (Mild, Aggressive and Vindictive). You have the option to choose any one of the setting and block Pokémon Go mentions on the internet browser.

So, if you are Pokémon Go lover, go enjoy it and if you even hate any news about it rather use this extension and live a Pokémon Go free life at least when you are online as of now.

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