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Top and Best data saving tips

The usage of mobile data is increasing day after day. People depend on their mobile data to get information instantly, contact their beloved ones, listen to their favorite songs, watch their favorite shows, etc. Although the demands have been increasing, the telecom operators in all the major countries where mobile data is being used extensively are still providing the same mobile plans to the customers. If you are really frustrated and have also used best data saving apps, but still can not manage data with your limited data plan, here are a few great data saving tips for you.

Top and Best data saving tips

Uninstall Facebook

Good if you are addicted to Facebook, but you must also keep in mind that your Facebook app consumes a lot of your mobile data not only when you open use it, but also in the background when you are not using it as it is saving images.

best data saving tips

So, using the Facebook in the browser will save a lot of your data. You will not find much difference in using the Facebook app in the browser if you’d add a bookmark of the website as a shortcut on home screen. You can use any browser not required any best data saving browser.

Chrome Data saver

Many browsers are available to save your data. While some of them offer less security, others provide compresses the functionalities. Just like those browsers, Chrome by Google is also equipped with a data saving feature. I would say that it is the best data saver. The data saver in Chrome not only saves your data, but also provides the same functionality. Only when you are on a slow internet plan, Chrome compresses and offers the webpages for viewing in a lite version through Googleweblight.

best data saving tips
Data Saver in Chrome Browser

Control the streaming quality

Open all the apps and check in settings whether media such as video is auto-played and images are loaded in highest quality possible. If yes, disable them. Trust me, it will save a hell lot of your data.

best data saving tips

Try saving everything offline as much as possible

Try to save everything from media to maps in offline as much as possible. Apps such as Apple Music and YouTube allows you to save your favorite media content offline. Make best of this feature whenever you are connected to a Wi-Fi connection and save your media content offline.

best data saving tips

Restrict background data

When your Smartphone is in standby mode, it doesn’t mean that your resources are not being used. As mentioned earlier, apps such as Facebook run in the background and relies entirely on your mobile data. But, the good news is that you can restrict the usage of your data in background in the settings.

best data saving tips

To access the data saving settings, Tap on “Data Usage” after opening Settings, click on the hamburger menu and then tap on the “Restrict Background data”.

Synced Services

Google in a way forces its Android customers to use a lot of unnecessary apps such as “Google Play Movies” etc. In fact, an Android Smartphone comes with a bunch of such unnecessary apps which you cannot uninstall unless your device is rooted with administrator access. However, you can control the syncing operations of the apps that you don’t use.

To edit the sync operations of such apps, Open Settings -> Account -> Google and then enable/disable the syncing accordingly.

best data saving tips

Let us know in your comments whether these tips are working well in your Smartphone. You do not need any data saving apps but try out these data saving tips. We would love to hear from you.

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