5 essential Android apps that you can’t find on iPhone


Android has undoubtedly added much description to the term “smartphone” by being responsible for the outreach of smartphones to a very large extent to people across all divisions.

Several statistics reveal that smartphone usage is expected to cross a whopping 3.08 billion in 2016 and Android’s share in the achievement is estimated to be very immense. But still, the world always keeps bragging about iPhone devices. However, if you are an Android lover, I’ve made a list of apps to boast about Android in front of your iPhone-loving friends.

Here are five essential Android Apps that you can’t probably get on iPhone:


According to certain research and scientific discoveries, the blue light that is emitted from the display of devices can prevent a person from sleeping. This is not good especially when the kids at your home keep playing games on your mobile or tablet during bedtime. Twilight in your Android smartphone comes to the rescue in situations like that. It filters the flux of blue light emitted by your tablet or phone after sunset and shields your eyes with a soft and pleasant red filter.

5 essential Android apps that you can't probably find on iPhone
In the Image: Twilight for Android

A paid version of this app comes with two predefined profiles that will save you time from creating a new profile. The latest beta update iOS 9.3 comes with a default night shift mode that boasts a similar feature to Twilights for iPhones. But it will take at least a few weeks or months before a stable update of iOS 9.3 is launched globally.


Greenify is a lifesaver for many Android users. Although there are choices to limit the background processes by enabling the developer options, Greenify seems to be a better option than that as it allows you to force-stop all the unnecessary apps in a single click.

5 essential android apps that you cant find on iphone
In the Image: Greenify for Android

Everything from the RAM usage of apps and the battery usage can be controlled using a single option called “Hibernation” which upon selecting force stops all the selected apps in the list which thereby limits the background processes for a faster and great mobile experience.


Apple is known for its music services. But people who have used PowerAmp on Android would certainly love to have a version of it on iPhone devices. The best part of the app is its advanced Equalizer which provides a wide range of options to control your listening experience according to your convenience.

5 essential android apps that you cant find on iphone
In the Image: Poweramp for Android

Therefore no matter which Android device you use, if you have this app installed on your mobile, you can forget to bother about your music listening experience.

Link Bubble

Link Bubble has changed the browsing experience of every Tom, Dick, and Harry in Android. When you click on a link in an app, the Link Bubble Browser loads it in the background while you are still on the current app. In addition to that, the app sports features like Reading mode and is available in lighter and darker themes.

5 essential android apps that you cant find on iphone
In the Image: Link Bubble for Android

There might be apps on iPhone that does the same job, but no other app can be an alternative for Link Bubble.


HoverChat is a substitute messaging app for your stock messaging app in Android which allows you to reply the messages without any interruption even though you are on another app? A floating window pops up every time you receive a message.

5 essential android apps that you cant find on iphone
In the Image: HoverChat for Android

You can read the whole message without any interruption and reply without affecting the current experience.

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