WhatsApp to support Bold and Italics text formatting very soon

Lately, WhatsApp has been getting a lot of new features and updates. The application got a new set of exciting emojis and also started supporting Document sharing. Now, the latest buzz is that the WhatsApp will start supporting text formatting in bold and italics. Yes, you can highlight certain text in bold or italics in WhatsApp very soon.

This feature is currently available only for those users who had enrolled the official beta program in PlayStore. There are other new features as well. You will be able to see the progress of backups to your Google Drive. Earlier, the backups used to take place on a scheduled basis and the users were not able to see the progress of the backup process.

As mentioned above, WhatsApp has not made these features available yet in any of the stable versions. If you want to try using the latest features, you will have to join the WhatsApp Beta program in PlayStore.

To know how to join the WhatsApp Beta Program in PlayStore, click here.

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