Top Money Saving Apps in Android

If you are a person who struggles to manage your expenditure every month, this post has a solution for you. You will have to be an Android Smartphone user though. Because, here in this post we are going to share you the list of apps that will help you to manage your income and expenditure.

Based on your budget, you can plan the whole expenditure for a period of time through these apps. Because, these apps provide you built-in tools to maintain, automate and calculate your income and expenditure.

Top Money Saving Apps in Android

Mint personal, Finance and Money

The app was made to make you smarter by helping you to control your expenses. Mint provides you charts and graphs so that you can understand your spending better. It also calculates the amount you spend using your credit card and generate the output accordingly.

Top Money Saving Apps in Android
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Budget and Personal Finance

Just as the name sounds, this app also helps you to keep a tab on the way you spend your money. You can set goals and see if you can achieved those goals using the app. In addition to that, every data gets displayed in an easier way in the app.

budgets and personal finance

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You Need a Budget

You will definitely not regret installing “You need a budget” app in your Smartphone. The app is a solution for those of you who are really struggling to manage your expenses. Before using the app, it will require you to first set up the webservice in a desktop browser. “You need a budget” runs only on devices that are Android 4.4 Kitkat and later.


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We are living in a world where every penny that we have is spend in each second. Therefore, it is always good to have an app that will help us to keep a tab on our expenses for a better life with savings.

If you would like to share more apps, we would love to hear them from you in the comments section below.

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