Blackberry Priv is a secure Android Smartphone. Yes, Very secure.

Blackberry Priv security

Blackberry is known for the security that it offers in its Smartphone devices and the company is currently relying on Android Operating System to get its track back in the market. Thanks to its gorgeous design and a stylish OEM, Blackberry Priv, the company’s first Android Smartphone won quite a few hearts in the gadget world. Now, Blackberry is repeating its history with the Blackberry Priv by fixing all the security patches, although it is based on Android.

Google reveals the security issues of Android regularly in its security bulletin every month and Blackberry has fixed all of them till date. On the other hand, other OEMs fixed only a few of them. Therefore, if you really want to use a safer Android Smartphone, you will either have to own a Blackberry Priv or any of the Google’s Nexus devices.

Though it is very evident that Blackberry is showing off, the company is also being a little polite by not revealing the names of the other OEMs. So, if you are a Blackberry lover and own a Blackberry device, you can be proud about owning a secure Smartphone.

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