Microsoft SQL Server on Linux Server OS also now

sql server on Linux

Microsoft announced something big for the enterprises and the software development industries. You will be able to run the SQL Server on Linux server OS very soon. This decision by the company will make its prestigious SQL Server available in an Operating System other than Windows for the second time.

This doesn’t mean that Microsoft is going to drop the support for Windows. SQL Server will continue its services in Windows and you will still have Windows SQL Server 2008 or Windows SQL Server 2012. However, applications that are spread across Linux server OS and Windows Server are going to be benefited immensely.

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Lately, Microsoft has been generating a lot of revenue through its Azure and Windows Server applications. Therefore, one cannot wonder or raise eyebrows at the company’s latest decision.

While Linux server OS is known for its availability as an Open Source system, Microsoft on the other hand is known for generating revenue through its applications. Although it is hard to digest, one can expect Microsoft to change its stand regarding the Open Source Policy. Considering the recent changes and announcements made by the company, we can assume Microsoft to be an Open Source company in the near future.

Let us know your views on what you think about the availability of SQL Server on Linux.

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