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Cyanogen introduced ‘MOD’ platform CyanogenMOD that allows the apps to integrate into the deepest level to provide enhanced features. This announcement is an outcome of the company’s collaboration with the tech-giant Microsoft. Last year, Microsoft made a deal with Cyanogen to integrate its apps among the pre-installed apps in the Cyanogen OS (based on Android) Smartphones.

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And now with the introduction of CyanogenMOD platform, we can expect several default apps provided by the Android to be replaced by the Microsoft apps in the Cyanogen OS. Apps like Google Now are very likely to be replaced by the Microsoft’s Voice Assistant, Cortana. In a way, the Cyanogen OS Smartphones will look more like a Windows Phone rather than an Android Smartphone. In addition to that, the ‘MOD’ platform will allow the developers to integrate the functionality of their apps in lockscreen, dialer, camera etc.

Differences between CyanogenMod and Cyanogen OS. The company’s latest venture “MOD” platform is more like an upgraded form of CyanogenMod that allows the developers to integrate the functions of an app to the deepest level of an OS.
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I know it is confusing. Let me make it clear. Say if the Skype app made use of the CyanogenMod platform to integrate their functions in the basic dialer app of your Smartphone. This will allow you to make Skype calls right away from the basic dialer app without having to open the Skype app. The same applies for other stock-apps such as Camera, Calendar and the lockscreen.

Cyanogen’s OS has already transformed Android in a much better way by allowing users to personalize their Smartphones in all the ways possible. CyanogenMOD platform will certainly take the customization of the Operating System to another level.

Let us know your views on how you would like the developers of your favorite app to make use of the Mod platform to enhance your user experience.

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