Sony announced Xperia Ear, a device that works much like the one in the movie “Her (2013)”

Sony announced Xperia Ear, a voice-assistant gadget that will allow you to perform operations such as answering calls, sending messages, navigate and search, check your schedule etc. without having to pick up your Smartphone.

Xperia ear
A still from the movie Her (2013)

If you have watched “Her (2013)”, you will probably fall in love with Xperia Ear even before buying it. The story of “Her” revolves around a person who falls in love with the voice assistant of an Operating System. Joaquin Phoenix‎, the lead actor in the movie wears a Bluetooth device like Xperia Ear all the time to interact with the Operating System. Xperia Ear will bring us closer to the technology shown in the movie Her (2013).

You can play your favorite music, send a message and make a call using voice commands. Say if you want to know the schedule for the day, you can ask “What am I doing today?” or saying “Call Ranjit Ranjan” will initiate a call to your friend Ranjit. In a way, Xperia Ear will allow you to perform the important functions hands-free.

Xperia Ear
In the Image: Xperia Ear
Courtesy: Sony

The headset comes with a battery life of a meagre three-and-a-half hours, but the device can be charged in an optional case on the go.

Xperia Ear is expected to be available in the summer and the company is really looking forward to expand itself beyond the Smartphones and Tablets through the device.

We already have personal assistants like Google Now, Siri, Cortana and Alexa by Amazon Echo. And now with the introduction of Xperia Ear, we can expect the voice assistant technology to grow faster than ever before.

Let us know in your comments on how you would like to use Sony Xperia Ear to perform your activities through your Smartphone.

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