Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in India

Deal: Exciting offers by Samsung India for Note 7 pre-orderers with Galaxy S7 purchase

While the Galaxy Note 7 devices were burning out into flames in US and other countries, the customers who had pre-ordered the device in India have not had much to deal with,... Read more »
Samsung galaxy s7

Samsung to produce more Galaxy S7 devices to counter Galaxy Note 7 losses

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was released in the month of August. It could have been the bestselling Smartphone till date by the company, because, the tech experts praised it and spread good... Read more »
Samsung kills Galaxy Note 7 Smartphone

Samsung kills Galaxy Note 7 Smartphone

Samsung has killed its Galaxy Note 7 devices. Yes, according to reports from Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg, the company has killed its Samsung Galaxy Note 7 device permanently. This move is... Read more »
galaxy note 7 is safe

How to check whether your Galaxy Note 7 is safe?

Unless you are living under a rock, you probably know that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices have been bursting into flames. Samsung is taking all the measures to ensure that the... Read more »
Galaxy Note 7 sale

Galaxy Note 7 sale to be resumed by Samsung on September 28

Samsung is going through tough times. The company is finding it hard to replace the faulty Galaxy Note 7 devices with the new safe ones and is taking all the measures to... Read more »