Samsung to produce more Galaxy S7 devices to counter Galaxy Note 7 losses

Samsung galaxy s7

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was released in the month of August. It could have been the bestselling Smartphone till date by the company, because, the tech experts praised it and spread good stories about it in the beginning. However, as the time passed on, due to the fire causing accidents by the faulty battery, the company took a decision today to stop the production and sales of the Galaxy Note 7 device.

Samsung replaced over 2.5 million Note 7 gadgets with the new safe ones. But that didn’t stop the explosions from continuing. This made the company to stop the sales of Galaxy Note 7 devices altogether. It is very evident that billions of money is lost. Samsung is looking forward to balance the losses by leveraging the popularity of its slightly older devices. According to The Korea Herald, the company is looking forward to ramp up the production and sales of Galaxy S7 series that includes Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 edge.

They will also try to sell cheaper Smartphones like Samsung Galaxy A8. Samsung Galaxy S7 is still considered as one of the best Smartphones in the world and therefore, we can hope that the company will make a good comeback this time.

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