Galaxy Note 7 sale to be resumed by Samsung on September 28

Galaxy Note 7 sale

Samsung is going through tough times. The company is finding it hard to replace the faulty Galaxy Note 7 devices with the new safe ones and is taking all the measures to ensure that all the customers have the safe Galaxy Note 7 devices before the deadline, September 30 2016.

The US customers are provided with choices to either replace the Galaxy Note 7 with a new one or switch to another Smartphone or opt for a full refund. According to a statement released by the company, it is very evident that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices will arrive by September 21 in US. The company has managed to exchange 130000 Smartphones so far in the country.

However, the latest buzz is that Samsung will resume the sale of the Galaxy Note 7 devices on Spetember 28. It will first resume in South Korea followed by the other countries when the time is right.

Meanwhile, if you own a faulty Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices, it is highly important that you replace it with a new safe gadget very soon. Click here to know on how to check whether you have got a safe Galaxy Note 7 Smartphone.

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