How to check whether you have got a safe Galaxy Note 7 this time?

Galaxy note 7

For the past few weeks, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices have been bursting into flames. Samsung has acknowledged that the issue is due to the battery and is taking all the measures to make sure that the safety concerns of the users are addressed although the company has lost close to 1 and a half billion dollars.

If you are a Galaxy Note 7 customer, you can get it replaced for free. The sales of the device have been stopped for now and will be restored only after every device is replaced. However, there is a chance that you might get the faulty gadget again. But, do not worry. We will guide you on how you can get the safe Galaxy Note 7 this time.

How to check whether you have got a safe Galaxy Note 7 this time?

If you have got a safe Galaxy Note 7 device, you will be able to see two visual indicators on the box. This is to ensure the customers that the new device is safe. This way, you can check the safety of the device even before you purchase the unit. There will be a circular sticker with the letter S on it and a small black square near the barcode.

Galaxy Note 7

Samsung is also working on an online tool for those customers who have lost the boxes of Samsung Galaxy Note 7. This database will go online depending on your region. For example, it will be available for Australian customers on September 21.

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