OIS in Google pixel

Why there is no OIS in Google Pixel Smartphones?

Google had launched its first own branded Smartphones, Google Pixel and Google Pixel Xl a few days ago. Although the search engine has promoted that its new Smartphones have got the best... Read more »
apple music

How to find the repeat and shuffle options in Apple Music app in iOS 10?

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Every MacOS user needs to know this trick

One would probably find many reasons to love Mac, not just because of the way it looks, also due to the way it functions. I would go with the latter though. I... Read more »
delete the recorded voice Searches in Google

How to delete the recorded voice Searches in Google?

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You can now book an Ola Cab using Siri

The latest iOS version, iOS 10 has certainly brought in and revamped a lot of features. One of the most interesting features among them would be allowing the third party services to... Read more »