Lenovo and Google showcased the first Project Tango smartphone at CES 2016

Google and Lenovo showcased the first Project Tango Smartphone at CES 2016

It is official that Google has chosen Lenovo to be the tech-firm to launch their first Project Tango smartphone. Google in collaboration with the Chinese firm have showcased the smartphone at CES... Read more »
Netflix global

Netflix goes global in additional 130 countries

Thanks to the exciting announcements at CES 2016, the world is witnessing the event with much awe. And this time the good news is for the Movie and TV show lovers ‘Netflix... Read more »
Intel Radar Pace Oakley CES 2016

Intel showcased “Radar Pace”, a SmartGlass for athletes at CES 2016

It is known that the Intel and Oakley have been working on a weary device. This weary gadget which is a joint collaboration of both the companies was showcased during Intel’s keynote... Read more »

World’s first OLED display by LG that can be rolled like a Newspaper

Have you ever imagined rolling up your Television like a piece of paper? You can do it in reality now. This new technology comes from the family of the South-Korean tech giant... Read more »
Windows 200 million convergence

Windows 10 now has more than 200 million users

2016 seems to be a good year ahead for the tech giants, because, Microsoft has just revealed that its latest Operating System, Windows 10 now has more than 200 million users. Read more »