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google localized results searches

All these days, you were able to get the search results for a particular location by visiting the corresponding domain of the Google. For instance, to get the search results of India, it was possible through However, that won’t be the case hereafter. The world’s most popular search engine has announced that it will provide search results only according to the current location, irrespective of the domain you use.

It means that even if you would use the England’s in New York, you will get search results for the location of New York. However, it is still possible to get the search results for the location you want by updating it in the search settings.

For Google, it is a vital decision because one out of the 5 search results are related to the location and the company feels it is highly important to deliver the same to the users for a better experience. However, you will not have to worry as the search results will be back to the same as it used to be once you are back home.

This is not the first time that the Google had to take a decision like this. The company’s popular services such as Gmail and YouTube uses the same feature to provide the localized ads and services. The new policy of serving the local results always will be applicable to iOS Google app and the Google Maps as well.

We, at TechDotMatrix find this as a great move, because the availability of at least one local results in our searches will only help us in the times of travel. It could be hurting for those users who do not want to get the local search results at the same time.

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