Oculus announced its third Virtual Reality film, Dear Angelica

Oculus announced its third Virtual Reality film, Dear Angelica and a new Virtual Reality tool, Quill that will let you to paint in the air around you just by waving your hands. This... Read more »

Microsoft to unveil RoomAlive for holographic calls and immersive augmented

Right now, the world is awaiting to get the hands on Virtual Reality, but the Microsoft is thinking a step ahead by launching RoomAlive for immersive augmented entertainment and holographic video calls. Read more »

Inbox by Gmail now offers better search results

Thanks to the most recent update, Inbox by Gmail provided by Google will make things easier for you in the search results and help you to find the vital information that is hidden... Read more »

Only Windows 10 to be available in the future CPUs

Microsoft announced that it will support only Windows 10 in all the next generation processors built by Qualcomm, AMD and Intel that includes Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820, AMD’s Bristol Ridge and Intel’s Kaby Lake processors. Read more »
Samsung VR movie studio

Samsung to launch a VR movie studio in New York City

Samsung just made its entry to the entertainment world by going a step ahead in its Virtual Reality ventures. Yes, the company is going to launch a VR movie studio in New York City. Read more »