Can I Get a Good Laptop on a Budget?

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So, you need a laptop for school or work, but with the cost of living rising, you don’t want to spend too much. However, you still want a decent machine that will do everything you need it to. It can seem almost impossible to meet the cheap/good criteria, but we can assure you it’s not. In this article, we will discuss how you can get the best value for money laptop.

Think About Your Needs First

Before heading out and jumping straight into a purchase, think about what your needs actually are.If you are going to be simply browsing, emailing and word processing, you can get away with a much cheaper machine than if you’re going to be editing lots of videos. This is because you won’t require anywhere near as much memory or processing power.

So, this is your first consideration.

Any basic laptop will offer simple functionality without compromising on quality. The place where you may run into issues is if you purchase a basic computer and then find you want to do more than you initially thought, such as gaming or video editing. These tasks will have an impact on the performance of a very basic computer. It may be worth future-proofing a little and purchasing something that is slightly beyond what you need right now, without going full top spec and breaking the bank.

Lenovo budget laptops are fantastic value for money and the best part is you can ask for advice from the tech team before purchasing, so they will help you get the right laptop for your budget and needs.

What is the Minimum Spec I Should Get?

You should always go with the best you can afford, however, if you want to spend as little as possible and your needs are basic a 4GB model should give you a good starting place if you’re using an older software such as Windows 10. If you’re thinking of running Windows 11 or newer, then you may want to consider an 8GB model.

There are other considerations such as screen size, hard drive size, and the processor. The processor is essentially the brain of the computer, and while all of them are made to function, some perform much better than others.

Unfortunately, newer processors have a price tag attached, and you may find yourself using an older model processor in order to meet your financial needs. You can see a comparison of processors in this article.

It’s a good idea to assess your needs now and also think about what they may be in the near future before purchasing. Then, with this in mind, buy the best laptop you can afford as this will allow you some room for growth. If you’re still uncertain exactly what you need it’s always worth seeking the advice of professionals, or friends that you know who are interested in technology.  We hope you find something suitable for your needs.

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