How to use Instagram’s new feature to share videos as Notes


Instagram, Meta’s widely used social media platform, is committed to consistently enhancing user experiences through app updates. In its latest improvement, Instagram has revamped its Notes feature, now allowing users to share concise videos within their Notes. You can also check on how to add Multiple Instagram Accounts on Android and iPhone.

Introduced last year, the Notes feature initially enabled users to share brief text notes at the top of their Direct Message (DM) section. Since its inception, Instagram has continuously expanded the feature, enabling users to share short music and voice notes. The most recent update empowers users to share 2-second video notes prominently at the top of their DM section, injecting a dynamic and engaging element into their updates. You can also read about how to view and download Instagram stories without registration.

Steps on How to use Instagram’s new feature to share videos as Notes

Uploading a Video Note

  1. Access your DM section: Open the Instagram app and head to your inbox.
  2. Select your profile picture in Notes: Tap your photo in the Notes tray and click the camera icon to initiate the recording process.
  3. Record a 2-second video: Use the front-facing camera to record a short and imaginative 2-second video.
  4. Add context with text: Before sharing, improve your video note by including a text caption to provide extra context.
  5. Post your Video Note: Confirm and post your video note, making it visible to close friends and mutual followers for 24 hours.

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How to reply to Video Notes

  1. Launch Instagram and navigate to your Direct Messages (DM) section: Head to your Instagram Direct Messages (DM) section.
  2. Select the Note to reply: Select the video note you want to reply to by clicking on it, which will open a reply sheet.
  3. Choose your response type: Compose a message or choose options to send an image, video, GIF, or audio note as your response.
  4. Send your reply: Complete the process by sending your response, noting that replies are visible for 24 hours.

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Things to keep in mind

  • Video Note characteristics: Unlike Instagram Stories, these video notes are limited to 2 seconds and can only be recorded using the front camera.
  • Caption capability: Feel free to add a text caption to your video note to offer extra context.
  • Replying to Video Notes: Users can respond with various media types, including photos, videos, audio messages, stickers, and GIFs.


By following these straightforward steps, users can effortlessly share engaging and dynamic video notes on Instagram, infusing a creative touch into their interactions. Also, read about How to Stop Instagram from Tracking Your Web Activity.

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