3 Ways to View and Download Instagram Stories without registration on PC, iOS, and Android

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If you are reading this, it is because you want to learn how to watch someone’s Instagram stories without having them realize you are creeping into their post.

First, the Instagram story is a feature that lets people share a few to several photos and videos taken throughout the day. With Instagram stories, users can leave titbits about their daily lives and experiences with temporary pictures and videos that disappear after 24 hours.

The reason why many users are unable to view the Instagram stories of others could be because the posters prefer their privacy. To effect that, they undertake security regulations to establish their preferences. Another reason for this could be incorrect dates and times, making it impossible for people’s stories to show on their feeds.

Unknowingly to many people, there are different ways people can enjoy discrete peaks into the lives of Instagram users who capture their interests through Instagram followers.

Contrary to the popular belief that requires you to possess top-notch hacking skills, you don’t need to perform some outlandish trick or hack to view people’s Instagram stories anonymously. Truth be told, you don’t even need an Instagram account to check out Instagram profiles and stories of people anonymously.

Whether deliberate or otherwise, it is safe to say that Instagram has always had this anonymous viewing feature in mind. This is because measuring customer satisfaction is something the social platform has always been known for. You just have to unlock the feature.

Over the years, the Instagram platform has come up with several customizable features. In recent times, several hacks that let users view the stories of people anonymously have come to attention.

Yes, you can view Instagram stories, highlights, reels, and IGTV anonymously. This is another unsettling yet impressive creation that has come to our notice. From computers to third-party apps, there are different ways to try them out.

There are several reasons to want to creep into another account on Instagram. For starters, it could be the simple desire to keep tabs on a long-lost friend, a business competitor, or even an ex. Whatever your reasons may be, we’ve come up with a few ways to go about it.

So if you are an IG user who wants to view anonymously Instagram stories without an account, it is possible! You can watch Instagram stories anonymously online. You could even go the extra mile and download Instagram stories without an app. If you want to know more, make sure to keep reading!

3 Incredible Ways to view Instagram stories anonymously online

There are a few methods you can use to view people’s Instagram accounts, highlights, reels, stories, and more without them knowing. You can use a third-party site or app, or you could use an account that is not linked to you.

In other cases, you can view Instagram stories anonymously by simply turning on incognito. There are a few approaches to checking out people’s Instagram stories without their knowing it. Amidst the different options, we have three proven methods on our list.

●       Airplane Mode

Stories do not count your view if you don’t have a WiFi or cellular connection. In other words, if you turn on airplane mode immediately after switching to cellular and sneak into someone’s IG profile afterward, the person’s feed will load, but your view will not be documented in their viewer log. To anonymously view a person’s Instagram story with the airplane mode method, open the Instagram profile of the person of interest in the Instagram app. Immediately after, switch off your cellular and turn on airplane mode, then head back to the app and tap on the user’s story.

●       Fake Account

If you don’t have an existing fake account, you will need to create one for this method. Sign up on Instagram with a fake email address and fake phone number to create a fake Instagram account. Decide on the Instagram handle you’d like to use and set up privacy. Set up your fake profile too, and start getting active. Log in after a week and tap on the search icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Type in the handle of the account you want to creep into and tap their profile. This way you can anonymously view their stories through the feed format.

●       Best Instagram Story Viewers For PC, Android, and iOS

The Instagram story viewer lets users know the persons that have viewed their stories. Direct messages, Instagram likes, and comments are also visible to the Instagram story viewer.

Before you start viewing Instagram stories discreetly, it is crucial to note that the steps listed in this article focus on public accounts. If you want to view or download Instagram stories privately, you’ll have to follow the account first.

Instastories – best instastories viewer for PC

Created exclusively for anonymous viewing of public Instagram stories, the insta stories viewer for PC will show you stories, posts, Instagram highlights, likes, comments, live streams, recorded broadcasts, reels, and even subscribers of the person whose story you want to anonymously view.

With the Instastories anonymous viewer, you get a free service that enables you to easily track your interests without the need of logging into Instagram or own a personal Instagram profile. If your views are invisible to the owner of the Instagram profile, then you have become an anonymous story viewer.

StoriesIG.me – best IG story viewer for Android and iOS

With the StoriesIG anonymous story viewer for Instagram, you don’t need to install anything. Suited for Android and iOS, StoriesIG offers Instagram highlights viewer support. The app is easy to use and comes on board with magnificent customizable features.

To get started, input your username and start viewing stories anonymously. Thereafter, you can choose to share the stories with other social networks.

We have curated the best picks for you in this guide, and that’s why we’ve chosen Stories ig as our go-to Instagram story viewer app for iOS, and Android.

How to download stories, videos, and photos from Instagram profile in incognito mode

To watch Instagram stories incognito, you’ll have to go incognito first. On the Instagram app, go to your profile page and tap the gear icon to open settings. Navigate to the privacy/security menu, and click on Activity Status. Switch off the button that says Show Activity Status.

When you have done this, head back to your profile page by tapping your profile photo or the human-shaped icon situated at the bottom of the screen. On your screen, three horizontal lines are at the top right. Click on the horizontal lines to open a pop-up menu.

When the menu appears, go to Settings and select the Account option. Select ‘Original photos’ to see whether you are using iOS or Android. Note that you can only download all data from your own profile.

InstaSaver app – best Instagram video downloader

The InstaSaver app is an easy-to-use Instagram story viewer and downloader that gives users the option of saving their own Instagram imagery with the utmost convenience. The app comes onboard with impressive features that make it the best choice for Instagram users.

To save original photos for iOS and original posts for Android with the InstaSaver app, simply tap the blue toggle. Once the option to save original posts/photos is turned on, every image you post on IG will automatically save to your phone’s picture library. It’s as easy as that!


There are a few methods to try when viewing Instagram stories anonymously, and you can rest assured that the uploader won’t know it was you. From airplane mode and computer hacks to third-party apps and incognito settings, you have all of the tricks revealed here.

Notwithstanding, the top on our list of methods to try is Instagram viewers – Instastories and StoriesIG. This is because the said apps are easy to use and reliable.

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