How to enable Lost Mode on your Apple AirTag with the Find My App


Apple’s AirTag simplifies the task of tracking misplaced items within Bluetooth range, thanks to its Precision Finding feature. However, what should you do when your AirTag goes beyond Bluetooth range? In such a scenario, you can activate Lost Mode using the Find My app on your iPhone, which can aid in locating your missing belongings.

The Find My app on the iPhone is an extensive network of Apple devices employing Bluetooth technology to help locate lost items or devices in proximity. When it detects a lost device, it discreetly reports an approximate location to the owner, ensuring the preservation of your privacy. You can also read about how to find the iPhone if it is in silent mode.

How to activate Lost Mode on your Apple AirTag

  1. On your iPhone open the Find My app.
  2. At the bottom of the screen tap the Items tab.
  3. Select the specific AirTag you want to put in Lost Mode.
  4. Swipe up on the card to reveal the Lost Mode option, then tap “Enable” below Lost Mode.
  5. Read the instructions and tap “Continue.”
  6. Enter your phone number and tap “Next” in the upper right corner of the screen.
  7. Activate the switch next to “Notify When Found.” You can also customize the message that will display when someone locates your AirTag.

Note that you can only customize the message and activate “Notify When Found” if the device tracker is out of range. To confirm tap on “Activate” to enable Lost Mode for your AirTag.

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What happens when your AirTag is marked as lost?

The Find My app assists in activating Lost Mode for your AirTag, allowing you to include a phone number and a message for the finder. If you are in close proximity to your AirTag, you can receive an alert using the “Notify When Found” option.

When your AirTag is marked as lost, anyone who finds it can access your contact information. They simply need to bring the AirTag close to an iPhone or an NFC-enabled Android device, which will display a website with your phone number and your designated lost message. It’s also possible to view the location through another person’s device.

What if there are no Apple devices nearby?

While the Find My network on the iPhone is extensive, not everyone uses Apple devices. If your AirTag goes out of range without any Apple devices nearby, it will only show its last known location on the map. To recover it, you’ll need someone with an NFC-enabled Android or iPhone to locate it and return it to you.

If someone discovers your AirTag, they can utilize an NFC-capable iPhone or Android device to receive an alert. This alert directs them to a website displaying your designated lost message and phone number. You may also view your AirTag’s location on another person’s iPhone through the Find My app. Recently, iOS 17 introduced the ‘Personal Voice’ Feature: Here is how to set it up.

In conclusion, this is how you activate Lost Mode on your AirTag and harness the power of the Find My app on the iPhone to recover your lost item tracker. This straightforward feature, available on all AirTag-compatible devices, makes it a breeze to locate your misplaced AirTag.

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