Google Photos Introduces AI-Powered ‘Highlight Videos’ for Effortless Memory Sharing

Google Photos

Google Photos has introduced a captivating feature that enables users to craft special highlight videos from their cherished moments. Over the years, Google Photos has evolved into a prominent Android Gallery app alternative, initially serving as a backup tool and subsequently incorporating enhancements like Magic Eraser and Photo Unblur. Now, it presents a new addition in the form of ‘Highlight videos.’

Highlight Videos: Google Photos’ AI-Powered Gem

Google Photos has replaced its earlier movie maker function with ‘Highlight videos,’ skillfully powered by artificial intelligence (AI). This innovative feature automatically recommends the most suitable video clips to include, incorporates fitting soundtracks, and seamlessly synchronizes the video with the chosen music. Nevertheless, for those who prefer a more hands-on approach, the option to take full control is available through the editor. This allows users to manually trim and arrange clips to align with their unique preferences. You can also read about steps to Move Pictures from Google Drive to Google Photos.

Creating Highlight Videos in Google Photos

  1. Access the Google Photos App: Launch the Google Photos app on your Android or iOS device.
  2. Discover the New Feature: Locate the new ‘+’ icon, which is now conveniently positioned alongside the Sharing tab.
  3. Select Highlight Video: Tap on the ‘+’ icon and choose ‘Highlight video’ from the available options, which include Collage, Album, Animation, and Cinematic Photo.
  4. Enter the Editing Mode: Once you’ve chosen ‘Highlight video,’ the app will seamlessly transition to the editor.
  5. Harness AI Capabilities: Pick the photos and video clips you wish to incorporate into your highlight video, and let the AI algorithm work its magic. It will automatically generate a one-minute clip using your selected media and add a preset music track.
  6. Manual Editing (Optional): For those who prefer a hands-on approach, the editor allows you to manually trim and rearrange clips, creating a fully customized highlight video.
  7. Share or Save: Once you’re content with your highlight video, you can opt to share it with others or save it directly to your device.

It’s essential to note that the Highlight Videos feature is gradually rolling out to both Android and iOS versions of the Google Photos app. If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check for any pending updates. As of now, there’s no information available regarding the availability of this feature for the web version of Google Photos.

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In Conclusion

Google Photos now provides a seamless way to transform your cherished memories into stunning videos. This user-friendly tool offers you the choice of automated AI assistance or a more hands-on approach, ensuring you can craft personalized highlight videos effortlessly.

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