How to use the NameDrop feature, effortless Content Sharing on iOS 17

iOS 17's New 'Check-In' Feature

In iOS 17, a novel feature known as NameDrop has been introduced, offering a fresh approach to sharing content between iPhones. No longer do you have to wait for another user to pop up on your screen; you can simply bring your iPhones into proximity. Here’s a guide on how to make the most of NameDrop on your iPhone, enabling you to share contacts, photos, videos, files, and more, similar to the functionality of AirDrop. You can also check the iOS 17 Contact Posters feature which is a creative Revolution in iPhone Calls.

How to Utilize NameDrop on Your iPhone

Before diving into NameDrop, ensure that both your iPhone and the recipient’s iPhone are running iOS 17. Additionally, note that NameDrop is supported on iPhone XS models and newer.

  1. Activate AirDrop on Your iPhone:
    • Open the “Settings” app.
    • Scroll down and select “General.”
    • Tap on “AirDrop.”
    • Under the “Start Sharing By” section toggle on “Bringing Devices Together”.

With this setting enabled, you’ll be all set to exchange information using NameDrop. Now, using NameDrop is as straightforward as using AirDrop. Also, read about how you can mute a specific contact on your iPhone for undisturbed focus.

  1. Sharing Contacts:
    • To share your contact information, bring your iPhone close to the recipient’s iPhone.
    • A glow will emanate from the top of both devices, indicating that a connection is being established.
    • Keep holding them close until “NameDrop” appears on both screens.
    • At this point, both you and the recipient will have two options:
      • Choose “Receive Only” to obtain the contact card of the other iPhone.
      • Opt for “Share,” which enables you to receive the other iPhone’s contact card while sharing your own.
    • If you change your mind and wish to cancel the process, simply move the two iPhones apart before NameDrop completes.
  2. Sharing Photos, Videos, and More:
    • Open the photo, video, or file you wish to share.
    • Select the “Share” option and then choose “AirDrop.”
    • Bring the iPhones close to each other and hold them atop one another. If the recipient’s device isn’t an iPhone, select it from the list.
    • Ensure that both iPhones have AirDrop turned on and are set to “Contacts.” If the recipient’s contact information isn’t saved on your iPhone, you can select “Everyone” for a 10-minute duration.

By following these steps, you can make the most of NameDrop on your iOS 17-enabled iPhone, facilitating seamless content sharing with fellow iPhone users. You can also read about how to locate your lost Apple Watch using your iPhone.

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