Why is the World Still Dependent on the Fossil Fuels?

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We all are looking for an alternative to fossil fuels. Using fossil fuels cause a lot of pollution and damage our ecosystem. Still, 75% of our energy comes from fossil fuels because of the high availability and easy accessibility to these energy sources. You can find the Best Electricity Deals in order to save money on your bill.

The entire humanity depends on fossil fuels. Before the pandemic, the world was trying hard to switch to renewables, but the coronavirus poorly hit the pace of transition. Even today, the world has not overcome the pandemic, and the world economy is trying hard to come back on track. Other than this, there are many different reasons why the world is still dependent on fossil fuels:

Higher Efficiency: Fossil fuels have higher efficiency when compared to other types of fuels. Earth has a massive fossil fuel reserve, and it can easily be produced and the production can be scaled up. Also, the energy density of fossil fuels is relatively higher, meaning a little bit of fossil fuel can produce a huge amount of energy so Fossil fuels are the go-to fuel that can meet the earth’s energy demands.  

Convenience- Fossil fuels offer huge convenience when compared to other energy sources. For instance, solar energy, wind energy, and tidal energy depend on additional factors to produce the energy. In the case of fossil fuels, the energy can be harnessed easily without the dependence on other factors. Also, providers are offering the Best Electricity Deals for a range of services.

Logistics- Fossil fuels have been dominating energy source that’s why the logistics involved in the transportation of this fuel is highly efficient. When it comes to logistics, fossil fuels transportation has well-connected logistics. Even the world shift to new energy sources setting up the entire logistics can be typical and require building new infrastructures.

Lower Costs- Fossil fuel offers lower cost, and thus the majority of the population can afford it. Easy accessibility and availability make fossil fuel the energy source of the earth. All other renewables are more costly than fossil fuels, meaning people prefer fossil fuels as the primary energy source. Lower cost allows the majority of the population to pick fossil fuel over other sources.

Lack of Knowledge: Many people prefer fossil fuels because of lack of knowledge, and most of the population have no idea that there are many alternatives to fossil fuels that they can go for. For the shift to renewables, the world needs to know about other energy resources.

Limited Access to Renewables: The world cannot transition because there is limited access to renewable systems. The majority of the population has no idea that they can easily transition to other sources. Most of the renewable energy sources are less known to most of the world, and also, they are not easily accessible.

Closing Lines

As you can see, even though the world is trying hard to shift to renewables, the transition is quite challenging moving forward. If we want to transition to renewables quickly, we have to promote knowledge and make the technology readily available.

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