Snapdeal Web online fraud done with an app. Did you lose money online in such frauds?

Snapdeal Web online fraud

We have heard about online frauds, and I am sure you must have come across such emails and messages that promise to get you easy money by doing part time jobs that also with work from home using an app. One of our users has been a victim of Snapdeal Web online fraud (This Scam is being done by Scammers not Snapdeal). I am sharing the details based on user personal experience with proof. So, you must be aware of it and do not get cheated by these online scammers.

I am sure this fraud is not being done by Snapdeal however by some scammers using the Snapdeal Web app. But, Snapdeal should look into it as this scam diminishes their name as well. The victim receives a Whatsapp message from Scammer to explain what this app does and how you can earn money using this app.

Remember: DO NO REGISTER IN THIS APP or ANY SUCH APP which promises easy money. The number visible in below screenshot is of scammer. Do not contact but report this number and website to cybercrime.

I’m Snadeal’s Marketing Customer Service. You need to know about online part-time jobs, right? The job is very simple. For just 10 minutes of work a day on your phone, you can get a commission of 600 – 4000.

What it does: Helps Merchant purchase order through Snapdeal increasing click through and purchase rates. And, get our commission income.

As, this seems to be very easy money, victim join it. But, here the game begins. Once you register in the app you can charge your account with some money and be part of either of the given VIP group.

Now, you can click on Grab an order and confirm to buy this product. The amount of order will be less than your total charge amount. And, you can buy order quantity as per your VIP group.

Here you are part of VIP 2 group and had charge with Rs. 2000 to buy total number of 20 products. Once, you buy all 20 products you can withdraw your money. So, you started grabbing order but by the time you reached 16th product got an order worth Rs. 19200. Now, you have two option either charge your account with Rs. 17200 more or get stuck at 16th order and cannot proceed further.

You can not remove that order or grab a new order because there are uncompleted orders in your account.

Neither, you can withdraw your amount from the app. As, per app you need to complete all 20 orders as you are part of VIP 2 group.

So, you are left with only two options either lose your 8000 rupees or charge account with more money to match the order and continue grabbing order till 20. I would suggest do not add money as with next order price may increase further and you might end up losing your hard earned money.

Types of internet fraud

  • Online shopping frauds. It is one of the biggest internet frauds since the past few years.
  • Phishing or email scam. It is a method used by fraudsters to steal your personal information.
  • Work from home scam.
  • Identity theft
  • Credit card reward point fraud.
  • Matrimonial frauds.
  • Lottery fraud.
  • Tax scams.
  • Add more scams in the comment section you must be knowing more what i have written here.

There are no shortcuts in life to earn money. If, you have seen someone is successful there must be a nice story behind the person journey. Listen to it get inspired and work hard and use your brain to be successful in your life.

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