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You might have noticed that while writing any message on messaging apps of Android Smartphone the words automatically gets correct or suggestion appears to correct them. For, me I find it annoying while texting as it will often let me rewrite the word or phrase. And, that makes hard for me to us my own words or phrases while using messaging apps.

This happens because Android has a built-in dictionary. However, there is a workaround that let you teach your Android device particular word and phrase that you would like to write via Android setting menu.

Steps on How to add new words to the Android dictionary

  • Tap on Setting on your Smartphone.
  • Tap on Additional settings.
  • Tap on Language and Input option.
  • Tap on Personal Dictionary option.
  • Tap on Add to Dictionary option.
  • Now, start adding words and phrases that you would like to appear while typing.
  • You can also assign shortcuts for them.

Steps to add new words in Android while typing

  • Open any messaging app
  • Tap and open any chat window
  • Tap and hold or double-tap the word, then choose Add to Dictionary option.

Please note Smartphone companies have different naming options for this Language and Input option, you might not find the same options as I have given in the above steps. You need to look for Personal Dictionary option or Frequent Phrases options in sub menus.

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