Know the Prescribed Trends in developing Smartphone Apps

trends in developing Smartphone Apps

Every day, the demand for smartphones is mounting. And because of this, the mobile app development industry is remodeling daily. To maintain the server-growing and never-ending customer demands, you should bring in the changes needed in the process. 

Applying the right app development strategy and process does not assure complete success. All it takes is for any business to include the latest mobile application trends. Furthermore, to ensure success, you also need a team of expert developers. 

Some of the Trends in Smartphone Apps Development

App Development in the mobile world could drive innovation, fast development, views, and new thoughts to meet the growing demand of the clientele. As your eCommerce brand is continuously looking for ways to stay ahead of the competition, being updated with the latest trends in developing mobile apps is a must. 

1. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

The augmented reality theory now has become very popular among customers. The tech provides consumers with a much better interactive experience. People could enjoy the real-world environment with augmented technology. 

It also boosts user engagement levels and the implementation of virtual and augmented reality could be used for your social media campaign. AR adds digital elements to a live view, usually with the use of a smartphone camera. One fine example is Snapchat lenses. VR or Virtual Reality means an entire immersion experience that is thus out of the physical world.

Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard, or HTC Vive are devices that make users to be transported to several imagined and real-world scenarios. 

2. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence or AI is a renowned phenomenon already. By 2024, it’s predicted that the market for it would be around $191 billion. Thus, more and more industries are looking to combine it with human intelligence. Machine learning and AI integration are extremely helpful in critical activities, such as mobile app development

Some AI trends in the future could include the following:

  • IoT and AI integration
  • User behavior prediction
  • Smart camera with subject identification
  • AIOps to automate IT functions
  • High application reliability for cyber-security

3. Internet of Things (IoT)

Consider for instance being out and you forgot to lock your home. Instead of rushing back, you could lock it from where you are at present with the help of the Internet of Things. You only need to install an IoT application on your smartphone as well as a lock system that’s IoT-powered and has an active internet connection. 

In the future, it’s not just your workspace or house, you could also control almost everything with IoT systems. Systems, such as the August doorbell cam, August smart lock, Amazon dash button, and Philips lighting system already have won millions of hearts of people worldwide. 

A lot of companies have already made the transition to IoT application development. This year, it’s expected that the number of connected devices all over the world will grow to almost 30.73 billion this year and the next. 

4. Instant Mobile Applications

Comparatively smaller in size, instant mobile apps provide functionalities without the need to download them on a device. One of the major perks of instant applications is app demos. The apps provide a taste of the complete version of the app before deciding to download it or otherwise. 

These apps provide better ways of reaching out to the target audience who have not yet installed them. It’s anticipated that the markets in the world will witness a lot of instant apps. Already, many developers are trying out some wonderful features. 

5. Blockchain

A great technology that’s beyond cryptocurrencies and IT buzzwords. Furthermore, it already has made its way to the app development industry. Blockchain is a database that’s decentralized. The chain of blocks is present in more than one personal computer at the same time. 

Continuously, the blocks are built as new data is recorded. Each time new data is added, the old blocks are saved, and everyone gets a copy of the entire database. The technology prevents breaches of data or builds fake documents. If ever somebody makes an error, it could be traced. 

6. Beacon Tech

An app that’s beacon tech-enabled on your device will show you where you could have preferred items, how much they cost, and other specifications. Beacons use BLE or Bluetooth Low Energy signals. Whenever a device enters a beacon’s zone, the specific app will get the signal right away and offers the correct instructions and notifications for users. 

In the marketing sector, technology is very promising. It bridges the gap between business organizations and users. Industries, such as museums, healthcare, hotels, and others already have included beacons in their systems. 

Winding Up

The smartphone app trends are just a few of the many that are dominating the present market. If you are a mobile developer, then you’re aware of the competition among developers increasing every year. Thus, you should always be on the lookout for the latest trend in building a truly useful mobile app. 

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