Best Marketing Tools to opt for in 2020

Best Marketing tools

We used to believe that every business stands on one core idea, one value proposition, or a quality product. However, the dynamics of a typical customer like you and me have evolved immensely. And this era provides an opportunity for everyone to build their businesses with lesser resources. Therefore, acing a product is not enough these days, and anyone can beat your business in such a proposition.

To provide a competitive advantage and better results, you need kickass marketing. In today’s plethora of digital content churning with speed, it isn’t easy to grab and retain the attention and focus of the audience out there. Gone are the days, when banners, ad commercials, and constant spamming can get your audience glued toward your product. Today, a customer can get any services from thousands of competitors of yours online. Therefore, your customer seeks a value proposition, not a sleazy sales pitch to lure them.

Marketing strategies to play a different game these days. They focus on providing value, earning trust, and then targeting for sale. Lead magnets tend to generate value for the user and are used widely in internet businesses as it’s a win-win for both parties. These days, the majority of marketing strategies evolved around lead magnets. You can find numerous ways and strategies to design beautiful lead magnets in minutes. There are many other tools available that can generate results for your business through innovative marketing.


EngageBay is a powerful free CRM  with an all-in-one marketing, sales, and service automation platform.

EngageBay is a single, unified and affordable digital platform for small and medium businesses that combines marketing automation, sales automation, a ticketing helpdesk, and a free CRM, all in a single solution.

Features such as email marketing, lead generation tools, appointment scheduling software, contact Management, deal pipeline, telephony, email sequences, full-service help desk automation, and many others, EngageBay is a complete solution for a business’s marketing, sales & service needs.


Your marketing efforts and products get better overtimes with the customers’ response and feedback. Therefore, it is vital to design the right mediums to capture, store, and analyze customer feedback suitably. ProProfs Survey Maker makes it simple to value and measure customer satisfaction. Through this tool, you can create and design numerous online surveys by customizing and choosing from 100+ templates and over million-plus ready-to-use questions.

This tool also enables us to craft in-app surveys, polls, NPS, etc. You can also share, embed, or send reviews on your websites, emails, and social media platforms too.


Canva is already a popular service on the internet for people. It has made a lot of lives easier by providing a simple and user-friendly interface to design any visual without support from any graphic designer. From the marketing perspective, the visual medium of information appeals to the audiences more. Consumers retain around 80% of what they see and approx. 20% of them read. That is why companies focus on their marketing rollouts’ design and aesthetic elements. Canva enables users to design, edit, and customize their text, images, etc. You can either create from scratch or polish the stock images. One of the best value propositions of Canva is that you can maneuver and design by simple drag and drop in the interface, rather than a conventional photoshop interface.


Google Analytics is, by far, the best analytics tool in the world, partly because of the dominance of Google in the internet world. Google Analytics provides insights and data related to your users, their demographics, preferences, effective marketing channels, etc. It also delivers the results of multiple strategies and tools we use in terms of conversion, downloads, impressions, etc. You can also check the steps to add new website in Google Analytics.


Buzzsumo enlightens the marketing people about the mentions of their brand, related keywords of importance, etc. It provides features that can help you to research, design, and share content with such keywords and hashtags accordingly.


In addition to knowing your audience, it is vital to know about their websites. Hotjar is one of the helpful tools to dig deep into the real-time experience feedback of your visitor through new metrics. It records customer behaviors with scroll maps, heat maps, and click plans to give more in-depth insight.

Hotjar aligns and compliments the insights and analysis from conventional web analytics tools like Google Analytics. It can surely help to continually redesign the experience, design, and call to action on the web platforms.


Email Marketing is still one of the most effective and engaging mediums despite the emergence of social media platforms. Email Marketing and Newsletters are still useful because all the other platforms tend to run through engagement algorithms that are not in your control. Therefore, besides, to maintain your presence elsewhere, you need to retain and entertain your email list every time.

ConvertKit is one such marketing tool that can cater to all your needs and demands related to setting up, maintaining, and engaging the audience through emails. It helps online businesses to design their sign-up forms and landing pages with already-designed templates. You can pick, choose, and customize them as per your needs. It also enables you to select the leads, send them automated, converting emails to convert them into your customers. You can also design the whole customer journey and automated craft steps to cater to their needs.


Social Media presence is vital these days. Any marketing geek cannot deny that every social media platform is crucial for its growth. Therefore, it is essential to create content, manage responses, and engage the audience on all fronts, which can be a hassle to manage multiple accounts together.

AgoraPulse is a service that can minimize the burden by allowing its users to manage their multiple accounts across platforms in one place. You can post, schedule, answer comments, and manage your social media progress together.    


As you can observe, there are many tools available across the internet that can help to generate value for your business. However, one thing that remains fundamental and epitomic in marketing is thinking about the customer first. While designing marketing strategies, always think about customers’ perspectives, how they can benefit them, and how to bring value to their lives through your product. Sometimes, it sounds counter-productive to the conventional business approach, but in the longer run, it provides you with a loyal customer base.

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