How to verify whether your e-pass is valid or not

How to Apply e-Pass

The Government of India has launched a new e-Pass website Service Online developed by National Informatics Centre (NIC) which currently provides e-Pass services for 17 states across India. Since, before this website was launched several states had issued the e-Pass. Now, if you already have the e-Pass and wondering how to verify whether your e-Pass is valid or not here we have shared the steps on how to check it.

You are already aware that the earlier e-Pass has all the required details but it does not show the validity upfront. So, here is how to check the validity of e-Pass.

There are two available options to verify your e-pass either by SMS or by QR code. Since scanning the QR code using a QR code scanner to verify your e-pass isn’t a feasible option for us. The best way to verify the e-Pass validity is through SMS.

How to verify the validity of e-Pass by SMS

1. Open Messages or SMS service on your phone

2. First type ‘VERIFY’ then ‘e-pass number’

3. Then send it to ‘9686454890’

4. You will receive an automated confirmation from the e-pass system if it is a valid e-Pass.

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