How to create custom sticker in WhatsApp for Christmas

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Earlier people used to send postcard on the occasion of Christmas, but now it has become the thing of past. Now, everyone uses social media to send their wishes to their family and friends as it is hassle free and fast. WhatsApp being the most popular messaging app with a user base of over one and a half billion would certainly be used by most people to send wishes on Christmas.

If, you are not planning to go invisible on WhatsApp then to let you know WhatsApp had recently released the sticker feature that people used in India at Diwali festival to send wishes. So, it make sense that users are going to use the sticker feature to send Christmas wishes on WhatsApp. You can use the WhatsApp sticker feature to send custom stickers. In this article we are sharing the steps to send WhatsApp sticker on Christmas.

However, Apple has removed all the apps to create custom sticker from its App Store. So, we will be we will be able to guide only Android smartphone users to create their own custom WhatsApp stickers and wish everyone on the eve of Christmas. First you need to create custom sticker then you have to add sticker pack on WhatsApp to send it.

Steps on How to create custom stickers

  • First, download any free to use image that you want to convert into sticker
  • Now, download any ‘Background Eraser’ app that is free on Play store
  • Open the Background Eraser app and select the downloaded image
  • Erase its background and save the file
  • You need to create and save at least 3 images, as minimum 3 images are required to add sticker pack in WhatsApp.

Steps on How to add the Sticker pack on WhatsApp

  • Open Google Play Store and then download and install the ‘Personal Stickers for WhatsApp’ app.
  • All the stickers pack created by you will be automatically detected by this app
  • Tap on Add button and add the image as sticker
  • Now open WhatsApp
  • Then open a chat window
  • Tap on smiley icon and select sticker
  • Choose the sticker and then tap on send

WhatsApp is also providing some inbuilt sticker, that you can download from WhatsApp itself.

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