How to be invisible on WhatsApp without deleting this app

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There are some times when you want a ‘ME’ time in your life, while this digital world world its certainly tough. However, for most of the social media platform there is an option to log out of the app like Twitter, Facebook or Snapchat and go invisible. But, the WhatsApp app haven’t given such feature to log out yet. And, you can’t delete and reinstall an app every time you wish to come out of it for a while.

Although, there are several features in WhatsApp which gives you a moment of no disturbance time, but as long as this app is in your smartphone, you simply can’t get rid of notifications. Even, if you have disabled the ‘Read Receipts’ options in WhatsApp, there is a way your friend can find if you have read their messages. They simply even see, if you are using WhatsApp as you are shown as ‘Online’ to your contacts.

There are few app that let user do the setting to disable internet for few selected app, but most of these app require the device to be rooted first. But, we strongly recommend not to use any of these third party apps, as it may breach the data privacy concerns.

Since, for WhatsApp there is no existing feature that can silence WhatsApp for a limited time period. Here, in this article we have shared the tips to silence your WhatsApp without deleting this app or disabling internet or silencing your mobile phone.

  1. Disable WhatsApp tune:

The WhatsApp app should have a default ‘Ringtone’ for messages or calls. The hack is to create your own silent ringtone, yes record a pin-drop silence using your audio recorder app and save it in your smartphone as ‘silent ringtone’.

Open WhatsApp ->> Settings ->> Notifications

Select that ‘silent ringtone’ as your Notification tone and call ringtone.

2. Disabling notifications in the form of WhatsApp icons or dots:

Now, you are not hearing WhatsApp tune, but you still receive the notification on your Home scree. So, you need to disable the notifications for messages and calls.

For Android Users:

Go to Settings ->> Apps ->> Open list of Apps ->> Select WhatsApp ->>Tap on Notification and disable all notifications for WhatsApp ->> Disable vibration and popups as well.

Now, you will not get to know whether you have got any new messages unless and until you purposely open WhatsApp.

3. Disable notification light:

Although, you are not hearing any tone or either getting notification on the home screen. But, your smartphone notification light still appears. So, we need to disable the notification light.

Open WhatsApp ->> Settings ->> Notifications ->> Light ->>Select ‘none’.

Now, you will not get any notification light even if you get WhatsApp message.

These three settings for disable tone, disable notification and disable light will let you use WhatsApp without any disturbance.

Now, here we have shared some more Pro tips for WhatsApp users if you need to completely silent the WhatsApp without deleting the app.

  1. Force Stop WhatsApp

If, you do not want to uninstall WhatsApp, and still need to see all messages later you can force stop it till you required.

For Android Users:

Go to Settings ->> Apps ->> Open list of Apps ->>Select WhatsApp.

Tap on ‘Force stop’ and disable ‘Background data’ (inside Data option), revoke all app permissions for WhatsApp.

This way you will see all your messages when you will enable your WhatsApp and it would not disturb you at all till you required.

2. Do not let Sender see ‘Double Tick’

When, a user receives a WhatsApp message the sender see the grey double tick mark, notifying them the delivery of message. So, if you have already disabled the blue tick and do not want your sender to see even the successful delivery of the message. Do, not open the WhatsApp after you ‘Force Stop’ it. So, you will appear invisible on WhatsApp and all notifications will appear only when you will enable the WhatsApp app again.

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