How to customize VLC Media Player?

customize vlc media player

There is no doubt about the popularity of the VLC Media Player and that’s why there is no point in debating on this subject. Most folks like the VLC Player because, it is open source, light, and doesn’t produce any issues.

There are a lot of hidden settings in VLC Media Player and you would be able to make your VLC player awesome by tweaking them. One such feature is its layout and look. If you have ever thought of customizing the VLC player, you are in the right place right now. Because here in this post, we are going to guide you on how you can customize the layout and look of VLC Media Player.

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customize vlc media player

How to customize VLC Media Player?

To customize the VLC Media Player, you will have to navigate to Tools > Customize Interface. Here, you would observe four tabs with one of them being the Main Toolbar which has standard controls.

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Let us now start the customizing process. All you have to do now is just drag items from the Toolbar Elements box onto the top Line sections. You can use the Expanding Spacer and Spacer to add gaps between the controls. Every time you change something, you can preview the changes in the Preview section.

In addition to the Main Toolbar, you can also change the Time Toolbar, Fullscreen Controller, and Advanced Widget. You will have to go to View > Advanced Controls to view them.

That’s it. You have just learned to customize your VLC Media Player. We hope this post will help you in bringing an aesthetic feeling while watching videos on it. Share your views in the comments section below.

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