What Are More Important, TikTok Likes Or Followers?

What Are More Important, TikTok Likes Or Followers

The importance of building up both TikTok likes and TikTok followers can’t be overstated. Though some have called these figures “vanity metrics”, there’s still a right and a wrong way to look at the numbers. Focusing only on followers and likes won’t get you very far, it’s true, but you need to care about these figures if you want to make it as a TikTok influencer.

Many people have asked whether TikTok likes or followers are more important. This is a difficult question, and the answer contains many parts. It depends largely on what you’re looking for from the platform, what kind of content you create, and what kind of impact you want to have. In short, there’s no easy answer, but let’s take a look anyway. Here’s our answer to whether TikTok likes or followers are more important for your social media success. Because you cannot get true followers and likes by showing the downloaded videos from TikTok and using them in your profile.

Followers mean engagement

There’s a good reason most TikTok influencers are on a never-ending mission to get TikTok followers. It’s because they know that followers have equal engagement, to a certain degree at least. If someone merely likes your video and moves on, then they arguably haven’t engaged with your platform in any long-term fashion. However, if someone follows you, they’re committing and telling you they want to see what you make in the future.

Anyone will tell you that engagement is critical on social media, and this is true on TikTok as well. On a platform where viral successes can be made and broken overnight, followers and lasting engagement demonstrate longevity. Brands love to see this; if you’re an influencer and you have a high follower count, it means that not only do people love your content, but they love it enough to want to stick with it. This is a strong image for a TikTok influencer to the project!

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Likes are good for individual videos

When you’re getting lots of TikTok likes, it indicates that many people love your video. This is a great endorphin rush for you, but it can also stand you in good stead when it comes to brand collaborations. If a brand wants you to create content in collaboration, then the brand wants to know you’re going to make content people like. Having lots of followers is one thing, but it means nothing if they don’t show their appreciation for what you’re making.

This is why having lots of TikTok likes is important. It shows that you’re making content people actually want to see. It’s possible for people to simply follow you and then not see anything you make for a long time; it takes more effort to unfollow someone on TikTok than it does to simply leave them on your feed. Likes, on the other hand, show that someone has actually watched your video and enjoyed it enough to leave a like, which is promising for brands or collaborators.

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Followers don’t necessarily engage

While this isn’t necessarily transferable to TikTok, statistics suggest that the global Instagram engagement rate is just 4.7%. This means that 95.3% of people who see your content won’t interact with it, even if they are following you. Naturally, then, we can infer that followers aren’t solely the most important thing to think about when it comes to TikTok; after all, if followers don’t engage with your content, then it will be like they never saw it in the first place.

If you want to retain followers and get them to engage with you, then you need to make sure their interests are catered for. Create content regularly, base it on currently trending topics, and get your followers’ opinions on what you’re making. That’s more important than simply building up followers on its own, which may not get you the engagement you need. A high follower count looks great to brands, but it might be hiding a deeper truth that’s less pleasant for your social media presence.

Likes don’t always translate to engagement

A high like count on a video just means that a lot of people have seen it, liked it, and potentially moved on. There’s no way of knowing exactly who has liked your content on TikTok, just like you can’t see others’ likes. With that in mind, you don’t know whether someone who has liked your video has commented on it or not. However, the number of likes you receive on a video is likely to be far higher than the number of comments, which tells you that many people simply like the video and don’t engage with it in a meaningful way.

Thanks to the way TikTok’s algorithm works, you are likely to receive far more likes than you are to receive permanent engagement. The ultimate goal is not just to have people passively consume your content and move on without commenting on it. Rather, it’s to build a lasting, meaningful presence on TikTok, and you can’t do this if you just chase likes to the exclusion of everything else. Amassing likes is important, but you can’t call yourself a true TikTok success just because you have a lot of likes.

In conclusion, it’s just as important to build up TikTok followers as it is to get a lot of likes on the content you post. Having high follower and like counts will, in tandem, help you to get more established on TikTok, but it’s about more than that. There’s a reason these numbers are called “vanity metrics” after all; while they will help you to be seen by more users and potential collaborative brands, they won’t necessarily result in success in and of themselves. 

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