Truecaller hits 100 million daily active users worldwide

Truecaller users

Truecaller has announced today that globally it has hit 100 million daily active users now. Truecaller has moved passed from 100 million monthly active users (MAUs) to 100 million daily active users (DAUs) in less than a year which is really a great achievement for the company.

You might already know that this popular caller identity app Trucaller started off as a simple Caller ID and spam blocking application. They had also launched CallKit Extension for iOS 10 that improve the Spam identification on iPhone much better, by automatically showing the unwanted calls that were marked as Spam earlier. Besides this, the app had also added a new feature, “My Block List” which allows the users to control on whether who can contact you. But, now, the company has evolved into a full-fledged communications platform with calling, SMS, Flash Messages and payment services.

Trucaller has become a resource for women’s safety in many countries as said by company and has helped the courier services and e-commerce around the globe to facilitate the difficult last mile of delivery.

Alan Mamedi, CEO & co-founder commented:

It was so big, in fact, that Truecaller is pleased and excited to announce that we now have more than 100 million daily active users using our app for their daily communication. There are only a handful of mobile-only services that impact as many users each and every day, and we are humbled to be able to join this exclusive group.

We’re continuously working to make your communication more safe and efficient and the fact that so many of you have joined us validates our mission. We’re excited to see what the next decade and 100+ million users bring us. So, to all millions of users who helped us get here – thank you!

As, every time when you receive a call from an unknown number, your detective mind directs you to open the Truecaller app in your Smartphone to find the person. The same applies for you as well. When you call a person who haven’t saved your number, they would definitely find your details out through the Truecaller app. What if you don’t want others to find your details through Truecaller? There’s a way out. Check out how to remove your number from Truecaller?

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