Instagram voice and video calling features may get release soon

Instagram voice and video calling

Instagram is said to be working on launching the Instagram voice and video calling features as per report published by Techcrunch. We have been using basically Instagram as a photo-sharing app either publicly or privately to our followers. But, as if report is true which seems like it then Instagram could certainly be able to steal users from Snapchat. As, Instagram will then be more appealing to people around the world because the best way to communicate is visually.

According to an image posted by a Twitter user the files icons for “call” and “video call” have been found in the Instagram and the Instagram Direct standalone app’s Android Application Packages (APKs). As, we know the APKs often show files for unreleased features that company is planning to launch. There is no denying the fact that Instagram may release these features soon, although we do not have a date yet.

Instagram voice and video calling
Screenshot of files from the APK

Instagram doesn’t monetize messaging itself and Now user also get their weekly highlights in the feed, monologues on Live, daily adventures on Stories, asynchronous memes and messages in Direct. Once, the Instagram voice and video call features gets released soon it will be certainly an extra advantage for it users. Because, Instagram is the most used application on Android and iOS it will be handy for users to communicate visually with their friends without leaving the app.

We already have several apps that provides the voice and video calling features. It seems like Instagram is all set to follow the path of its sibling apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Last, month they introduced the Instagram Show Activity Status feature to let you view the ‘Last Seen’ of other users. As, well as Instagram and Facebook profiles are linked and thus it is very easy to upload a photo from Instagram to your Facebook profile. There could still be chances where people don’t want to link their Instagram and Facebook. If you are also feeling so, you can unlink your Instagram and Facebook posts.

The way Instagram has been releasing new improvements and enhancements it certainly going to stay in the market. Share us your views on the Instagram voice and video calling features in the comments section below.

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