How to test if your iPhone is Slow in fact slower than it should be

How to test if your iPhone is Slow

Few weeks ago Apple apologized for slowing down the iPhone and for not being very transparent on how it handled the performance on iPhones with older batteries. But, do you know how to test if your iPhone is slowed down and in fact it is slower than it should be? As, it was revealed that it was done intentionally to slow down the iPhones performance for older model because of the release of newer model of iPhones in the iOS lineup.

As, per Apple they released an update to iOS that slows down the phone when there is high usage to prevent the sudden shut down. Because, earlier few iPhone users complaint that their iPhone got switched off suddenly even there were few percentage of charge was remaining. But, our understanding is Apple could have taken some other measures to fix this issue rather than slowing down the phone.

How to Test If Your iPhone Is Slow

You can visit SlowApple on your iPhone and run a test to get a sense how much you iPhone is affected. The test works for iPhone 6S and up, older models will have different ranges for what is good and bad. You need to press the “GO” button on the screen to get the result.

How to test if your iPhone is Slow
Click Go button on SlowApple site to get the result

I tested for my iPhone 6 and got the result for less than 8 seconds which is a Good score. If it takes more than 8 seconds it means your iPhone is slower than it should be. The Low Power mode should be turned off before you do the testing as iPhone battery is the base of slowdown of iPhone performance per last update. There are few paid apps as well in the market that you can use to test if your iPhone is slowed down.

How to test if your iPhone is Slow
Test result for my iPhone 6 is 7.117 which is good

Since, iPhone battery for older iPhones is causing the slowing down of iPhone, you should also check the battery status in Settings > Battery. If, it needs to be serviced you may see the message “Your iPhone battery may need to be serviced”. A few days ago, the Apple promised to offer batteries at a discounted price of $29 for the impacted users of iPhone 6 and later.

If, your iPhone is slow I would suggest to first check and try to fix your iPhone yourself, if you think Apple has slowed down your phones, before buying new battery.

Let us know if you did the test and found your iPhone has been slowed down.

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