How to fix your iPhone if Apple is slowing it down

How to fix your iPhone

Apple customers are angry after they heard the news that Apple apologized for not being transparent with the customers on slowing down the performance of the older iPhones. A few days ago, the company stated that the decisions and changes it had to take really resulted in the slowdown performance of the iPhones with older batteries. But, It has been one of the tech conspiracy and we believe Apple slows down old iPhones to probably force people to go up for new iPhones. But, if you have right now older phone with you, do you know how to fix your iPhone if Apple is slowing it down.

How Apple slow down the older iPhones ?

As, per Apple they released an update to iOS that slows down the phone when there is high usage to prevent the sudden shut down which was reported by few users last year. Because, few iPhone users complaint that their iPhone got switched off suddenly even there were few percentage of charge was remaining. But, our understanding is Apple could have taken some other measures to fix this issue rather than slowing down the phone.

Although, Apple says that update only impact certain models it is likely that if your phone is older than the iPhone 6, the reason could be generic issues like max storage and regular wear and tear. But, if you have iPhone such as iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone, 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus you need to check if it is slow.

How to Find if your iPhone is slow ?

If, you have already checked that your iPhone is not slow because of other reasons, update to the latest iOS and also update all your apps to the most recent provided versions. Also, clear extra memory on your iPhone either by removing any unused app or using tool like Dropbox and Google Photos to back up videos and photos to the cloud. You also need to turn off location services for individual apps, motion effects and turn off background app refresh. Make sure to check Settings -> General -> iPhone Storage (recommendations are there from iOS on how to free up memory).

How to Fix your iPhone if it is Slow ?

Since, we already know that old battery is one of the reason now, why your iPhone might be slow I would suggest buy a new battery for your iPhone rather than just replacing your entire iPhone. The company is also providing a battery replacement for old iPhones at a reduced price of $29 and if your iPhone is not under warranty you can do it yourself by purchasing a battery replacement kit online.

What are your views on the decision which the Apple had to take to slow down the performance of the older iPhones? Are you now aware how to fix your iPhone? Share us them in the comments section below.

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